The Beginning of a New Art Journey….


It is exciting to see one’s creative venture starting to grow and travel throughout the world. Since childhood I have dreamt about becoming an artist. The reality of this pathway doesn’t hit until one is standing in a crowd looking at their art listening to the sweet melodies rolling off the tongues of the aficionados standing nearby.


Wonder What Art Ventures Lie Ahead for the New Year

During the last handful of years, I had to put my journey with art on hold. My husband’s battle with cancer took priority. Towards the end, Bill said, “It is now your time to enjoy life and do all the things you ever wanted.” This statement was followed by, “You should become the artist you always wanted to be.” So as the New Year Unravels I wonder where my art creations are going to take me?


The above image is a mixed medium smashing an ink drawing with digital filters via the Snapseed APP

Upcycle Art Venture

Recently a relative near and dear to me left the world we know to start a new journey. A journey many of us including myself do not understand. However we can’t prevent this future destiny guiding us to depart from the world we know.

Upon cleaning the belongings of this person I stumbled on a recyclable item.  The relative was always proud of my art accomplishments and many times shared how they loved my sun designs. It only seems appropriate to memorialize this person by creating sunshine art with this item once owned by them. My love is pouring out into this creation.

Following is an in-progress image for the upcycle art I’m creating.

Sunshine, Love, warmth

Can you guess what the 3-d item might be? Stay tuned for future posts to learn more.

Below is an updated picture of the detail I’m adding to this project…. Sorry for the “flash” washed out the coloring of the artwork and it isn’t showing the true color or details.


Please share all guesses for this useful #upcycle item in the comment area

Inspiration Hidden in a Shell…

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 3.28.05 PM.png

Whoever thought leftover non edible food remnants could become the center of inspiration? Today I’m setting off on a new journey using pistachio nut shells to create art. First step is to paint a rainbow of colors on hundreds or thousands of shell halves. This will be followed by sketching out an outline to help with piecing the assorted shell tiles together.  Still waiting to discover what and how I’m going to apply these colored shells into a rhythmic pattern of beauty.  Stay tuned to experience this adventure with me😊

Fun Sunshine Graphic

A few years back I was receiving requests for the creation of whimsical smiley sunshines. In the tradition of my old designs here is a “New Sunshine” for the collection. This smiley sunshine graphic is different from my hand creations. The illustration was created by using Google Drawings. You can find my designs offered on products from Print on Demand sites such as Zazzle and Cafe Press.

I’m really enjoying creating clipart and graphics with Google Drawings and hope to share more fun whimsical graphics soon!

Welcome to the Year of Love…

2016 was the year where my artwork laid dormant with minimal art creations completed. During the day on December 31, 2016, I rang in the New Year with a friend as we played with clay. Clay is a new medium for me to explore and I find the creative playtime to be quite relaxing. I ended the year creating a Heart Hotplate in my funky textured style but with clay and not my familiar mixed medium watercolor washes and pen designs.

This is a photo of the Clay Hear Hot Plate before it is fired in the kiln.


Continuing with a heart motif I rang in the New Year by creating a Digitized Heart Design.

You can find this new Heart Graphics in my Zazzle Store

I wonder if this is going to be the Year of Hearts for me?

My Art is Going to the Louvre!!!

I’m excited to have the “Muir Angels” photograph partake in a digital display for a one time event at the Louvre! It is exciting and every artist’s dream to have their work shown at this famous French Museum.

Muirs AngelsThe “Muir Angels” is digital photograph which I manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. When I used the paint filter Angels started to appear. I kept enhancing the photo until the Angels started to dissappear. Lucky me for being blessed by the “Good Ole” undo button which brought the Angels back. Generally I’m not a photographer and mostly work with the mixed mediums of Watercolor and Ink. However I’m still real excited about this honor bestowed upon me by See.Me 

The Mandala Experience…

This year I’m attracted to exploring the creation of Mandalas. In the beginning I looked at Mandala’s as an exploration of balancing geometric design. I’m finding myself inspired to explore creating a series of these circular designs. 

Mandalas are a spiritual and ritual design which are supposed to be representative of the universe. I do confess not following the actual directions for creating a true mandala. Instead I’m letting my hand and pen take control as I explore these healing designs. Creating Mandalas have become both a healing and meditative experience for me.

My newest Mandala is entitled “Miriam’s Mandala” Please feel free to share your thoughts thank you!


“Miriam’s Mandala”

by Artist Barbra Drasby
10″ x 10″ Watercolor
Mixed medium: Watercolor and ink
copyright BDraz 2015

Experimenting with Ink…

Aficionado’s who follow my art know throughout a year several pieces of my artwork tend to focus upon Owls and Whimsical Suns. In my teens my second picture I drew using a bottle of Higgins India Ink and a Speedball Pen was of three owls sitting in a tree with a big sunshine in the background. I guess one could say this is when owls and sunshines became a signature subject for my drawings.

This year I wanted my first owl design to be different and decided to try a new technique. I used oil color pencils to add a splash of color to my black and white textured ink drawing. The “Midnight Lovers” mixed medium is what developed upon my drawing board. As an artist I believe it is always important to explore ones style and grow with the times.


“Midnight Lovers” by Barbra Drasby