The Beginning of a New Art Journey….


It is exciting to see one’s creative venture starting to grow and travel throughout the world. Since childhood I have dreamt about becoming an artist. The reality of this pathway doesn’t hit until one is standing in a crowd looking at their art listening to the sweet melodies rolling off the tongues of the aficionados standing nearby.

Taking the World at my Own Pace

Artistic inspiration can come from many interpersonal experiences. It is hard to believe over a decade has slipped away since drawing the snail. The snail was created upon the request of a child, and used for positive reinforcement. What I didn’t know is how meaningful this simple drawing would be to me.

I was in the beginning stages of physical challenges due to multiple spine issues. It was already becoming painful for me to sit for a long time and found other environmental tasks challenging as well. Physical disabilities that can’t be seen sometimes become misunderstood.

However, my spine issues weren’t going to stop me from doing and enjoying daily life activities. I quickly learned how technology could have the ability to support my needs. During this period, I started exploring using technology to create art. The phrase, “Taking the world at My Own Pace” just seemed like a good fit with the snail image. My spine damage sometimes interferes with how long it takes me to complete some simple daily activities. Thus the creation of the following product design occurred.

‘Taking the world at My Own Pace’ reminds me it is okay to be slow at completing activities, and chores. Even those ventures you enjoy doing! I Luv how one’s life experiences may influence creativity and the paths of our journey. My slow pace has provided many amazing experiences within the art field, Ed Tech, and bicycling. People can do the impossible when allowed to “Take the World at their Own Pace.”

Photography Exploration

During my husband’s journey with cancer, I started exploring manipulating images with the Snapseed APP. It was easier carrying around a smartphone than a pad and pens. Hours upon hours of manipulating photos kept me busy and distracted from my husband’s journey with cancer. Bonus I discovered both of us had a talent for capturing photographs. My passion for photography became renewed during a vacation in Ajo, Arizona.

Recently I visited an artist friend who lives near the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Every late afternoon my friend takes her dogs to the desert. I would accompany them to the desert with my trusty camera in hand. It wasn’t difficult finding the natural beauty offered by this western desert. The creative side of me quickly decided to create a series of photos and artwork from this adventure.

The following are some examples of images and products created from photography from this trip.

ACEO Beginnings…

Recently I discovered ACEO art cards. These small illustration board cards are perfect for practicing my craft every day. The card canvas is 2.5 x 3.5 inches illustration board. Illustration board lends itself well to the mixed media application of using watercolor pencils and ink. My artwork is very detailed and generally takes a long time to produce. The size of the ACEO card allows me to finish artwork on a more regular basis.

Pens Still Working!!!

I’m excited about stumbling on a set of old micron pens while cleaning my house. My summer has been one of rejuvenation due to cleaning and purging. In preparation for creating a space where I can work on my art. While cleaning my eyes laid upon some pens, and I wondered if they still had life left in them. Quickly I scrambled around to find drawing paper for testing the condition of the pen.

In a short burst of inspiration, the following drawing covered the paper. It felt good to draw once more! I’m looking forward to the completion of my art studio and breaking out my pens more often.


Who gives a hoot? by Barbra Drasby 2019

The Sakura Pigma Micron  Pens are one of my favorite drawing tools to use. I have tried many different pens and have found the Micron pens to be the most reliable.


Cycle of Life Beginning…

My first tomato study sketch was added to a GooglePhoto Tomato Plant Study Album. I’m using the Google Photo Album to journal about my attempt to grow a tomato plant using hydroponics. It is going to be comprised of both photos and drawings to share the journey of a Tomato seed. I am using the journal to track the hydroponic growth of the plant. Journaling also provides a multi-medium way for a creative to express themself. Starting this digital journal seems like a win-win adventure for this creative soul.

Tomato Seed

The first observational sketch of a tomato seed sprouting in the hydroponic garden.

Click here to Visit my Google Photo Album

Growing Inspiration…

Nothing is more inspirational than watching life grow. My tomato seedling popped just a couple of days ago. The tomato plant is becoming a daily sketching subject. Daily sketching is one way to nurture the growth of one’s art. An artist may capture simple changes the normal eye may take for granted.

As part of my daily studies, I like to take digital photos and enhance them using filters. My digital studies add a new dimension to how I view a subject to draw. Daily art studies for nurturing one’s talent doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Simple sketching studies such as this may help one’s art to grow in leaps and bounds.


The above image is a photo of the tomato seedling in my hydroponic garden.

Wonder What Art Ventures Lie Ahead for the New Year

During the last handful of years, I had to put my journey with art on hold. My husband’s battle with cancer took priority. Towards the end, Bill said, “It is now your time to enjoy life and do all the things you ever wanted.” This statement was followed by, “You should become the artist you always wanted to be.” So as the New Year Unravels I wonder where my art creations are going to take me?


The above image is a mixed medium smashing an ink drawing with digital filters via the Snapseed APP

Upcycle Art Venture

Recently a relative near and dear to me left the world we know to start a new journey. A journey many of us including myself do not understand. However we can’t prevent this future destiny guiding us to depart from the world we know.

Upon cleaning the belongings of this person I stumbled on a recyclable item.  The relative was always proud of my art accomplishments and many times shared how they loved my sun designs. It only seems appropriate to memorialize this person by creating sunshine art with this item once owned by them. My love is pouring out into this creation.

Following is an in-progress image for the upcycle art I’m creating.

Sunshine, Love, warmth

Can you guess what the 3-d item might be? Stay tuned for future posts to learn more.

Below is an updated picture of the detail I’m adding to this project…. Sorry for the “flash” washed out the coloring of the artwork and it isn’t showing the true color or details.


Please share all guesses for this useful #upcycle item in the comment area